All Oshi No Ko Arcs in Chronological Order

Oshi No Ko is a captivating and multifaceted series that has taken the manga world by storm. It’s a thrilling journey that follows the lives of twins Aqua and Ruby, as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of the entertainment industry. Packed with excitement, drama, and intrigue, this series keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each new development.

In this article, we’ll delve into the various arcs that comprise the Oshi No Ko series, exploring their unique storylines and examining how they contribute to the overall narrative. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we take you on a chronological tour of all Oshi No Ko arcs!

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi No Ko manga.

1) Prologue Arc (Chapters 1-10)

Prologue Arc
Prologue Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

The Prologue Arc serves as the perfect introduction to Oshi No Ko, as it focuses on Gorou’s reincarnation into Ai Hoshino’s son. This arc sets the stage for the entire series, establishing the foundation for the story and the relationship between the characters. It is in this arc that we first get a glimpse of the twins’ unique bond and their shared aspirations in the entertainment industry.

As the initial arc of the series, the Prologue Arc is crucial in building the world and setting the tone for the story. Readers are introduced to the main characters and given a taste of the complex and emotional journey they’ll embark upon throughout the story.

2) Show Business Arc (Chapters 11-20)

Show Business Arc 
Show Business Arc (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

As the twins enter high school, the Show Business Arc delves into their journey into the world of entertainment. This arc explores their individual motivations, dreams, and the challenges they face as they work towards stardom. Each step they take on this path brings them closer to their goals, but with each success comes new obstacles to overcome.

The Show Business Arc also delves into the intricacies of the entertainment industry, painting a vivid picture of the world that Aqua and Ruby have chosen to join. From talent agencies to auditions, this arc provides an inside look at the inner workings of showbiz, offering readers a deeper understanding of the characters’ ambitions and the struggles they face.

3) Dating Reality Show Arc (Chapters 21-32)

Dating Reality Show Arc
Dating Reality Show Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

Adding a layer of mystery and suspense to the story, the Dating Reality Show Arc sees Aqua participating in a dating reality show called “My Love with a Star!” as part of his investigation into Ai’s murder. The dynamics of the show and Aqua’s interactions with other contestants serve as an intriguing backdrop for this arc.

As Aqua navigates the complexities of the reality show and tries to uncover the truth, readers are drawn into the suspenseful world of “My Love with a Star!” and the challenges Aqua faces in his pursuit of justice. This arc not only adds a unique twist to the story but also deepens the mystery surrounding Ai’s death.

4) The First Concert Arc (Chapters 33-40)

The First Concert Arc
The First Concert Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

The First Concert Arc is a pivotal moment in Oshi No Ko, as it revolves around B-Komachi’s debut concert. This arc showcases the twins’ growth as performers and their journey in the music industry. From the excitement of their debut to the challenges they face, this arc is a thrilling glimpse into the world of stardom.

In this arc, readers are given an inside look at the preparation and dedication required for a successful concert debut. The struggles and triumphs of B-Komachi’s first concert not only serve as a testament to the twins’ hard work but also highlight the competitive and demanding nature of the music industry.

5) 2.5D Stage Play Arc (Chapters 41-66)

2.5D Stage Play Arc
2.5D Stage Play Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

In the 2.5D Stage Play Arc, the twins take their talents to the theater, participating in a stage play adaptation of the manga “Tokyo Blade.” This arc explores their experiences during rehearsals and the opening night of the play, delving into the world of theater and showcasing the twins’ talents in a different artistic medium.

As Aqua and Ruby immerse themselves in the world of theater, readers are treated to a new side of the characters and their abilities. The 2.5D Stage Play Arc serves as a reminder of the twins’ versatility and adaptability, as they successfully transition from the world of music to the stage.

6) Private Arc (Chapters 67-80)

Private Arc
Private Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

The Private Arc adds depth to the characters as Aqua discovers new information about his father and delves into the mystery surrounding his past. This arc also covers the shooting of B-Komachi’s music video in Miyazaki, which holds significance for Aqua and Ruby. It delves into their personal lives, giving readers a more intimate look at the characters.

As the Private Arc delves into the characters’ backgrounds and personal lives, it provides a richer understanding of their motivations and the events that have shaped their lives. By exploring their pasts and revealing new information, this arc adds depth to the story and further enriches the Oshi No Ko universe.

7) The Main Story Arc (Chapters 81-100)

The Main Story Arc 
The Main Story Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

The Main Story Arc progresses the overall plot of Oshi No Ko, as it delves deeper into the investigation of Ai’s murder. Uncovering secrets and revelations, this arc keeps readers engaged with the main storyline, as the pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place.

In addition to the ongoing investigation, the Main Story Arc also explores the impact of Ai’s murder on the characters, particularly Aqua and Ruby. As they balance their budding careers with their search for the truth, the stakes continue to rise, adding tension and excitement to the story.

8) Scandal Arc (Chapters 100-107)

Scandal Arc
Scandal Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

The Scandal Arc revolves around a scandal that affects the characters in Oshi No Ko. It explores the consequences of the scandal and its impact on the entertainment industry, adding drama and tension to the series.

This arc provides insight into the darker side of the entertainment industry and the pressure that the characters face as they navigate the fallout from the scandal. By delving into the consequences and the challenges that arise, the Scandal Arc adds another layer of complexity to the Oshi No Ko story.

9) Movie Arc (Chapters 107- TBD)

Movie Arc
Movie Arc Cover (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

The ongoing Movie Arc involves the production of a documentary movie titled “15 Years of Lies” movie, adding a new dimension to the story. It explores the challenges and experiences of the characters as they work on the film, delving into the world of filmmaking and expanding the Oshi No Ko universe.

As the twins venture into the world of cinema, they encounter new obstacles and opportunities, showcasing their growth as artists and their determination to succeed. The Movie Arc not only offers a fresh perspective on the entertainment industry but also highlights the twins’ adaptability and resilience as they continue to pursue their dreams.


Oshi No Ko Manga
Oshi No Ko Manga (Image Via Aka Akasaka)

Oshi No Ko is an enthralling series that captivates readers with its diverse array of arcs and engaging storylines. Each arc contributes to the overall narrative, showcasing the growth and development of the characters as they navigate the entertainment industry and uncover the truth behind Ai’s murder. The intricate and comprehensive narrative structure of Oshi No Ko ensures that fans will remain eager to explore the twists and turns of this suspenseful and riveting series. From the Prologue Arc to the ongoing Movie Arc, the story continues to evolve and expand, providing a rich and immersive experience for readers.

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