Hidden Strike Budget, Age Rating, and Cast Salaries

Hidden Strike is a highly anticipated action thriller film that was released in some theatres on 6 July 2023. Directed by Scott Waugh and scripted by Arash Amel, the film features a cast of industry heavyweights, including John Cena and Jackie Chan. With a budget of $80 million, Hidden Strike promises to deliver high-quality production and stunning visual effects. Moreover, the movie is all set to make its digital premiere on 28 July 2023 only on Netflix. In this article, we will delve deeper into the film’s budget, cast salaries, and its PG-13 age rating.

Hidden Strike (Image Via Netflix)

Overview of Hidden Strike

MovieHidden Strike
Directed ByScott Waugh
OTT Release date28 July 2023
CastJackie Chan
John Cena
Pilou Asbæk
Zhenwei Wang
Rachael Holoway
Max Huang
Minghao Hou
Amadeus Serafini
Jun Gong
Li Ma
Production CompaniesChangchun Film Studio
Flame Pictures Company
Huaxia Film Distribution
Talent International Media
OTT PlatformNetflix

The plot of Hidden Strike revolves around two ex-special forces soldiers who must escort a group of civilians along Baghdad’s Highway of Death to the safety of the Green Zone. With its thrilling storyline and high-stakes action sequences, the movie promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

Hidden Strike’s Budget

Budget80 Million USD

With a high budget of $80 million, Hidden Strike showcases the investment in high-quality production. This substantial budget accommodates high-end on-location filming in Western China, cutting-edge special effects, and extensive stunt work for action sequences. Additionally, it covers the costs of marketing and promotion to ensure the film reaches the widest possible audience.

To break even, industry experts estimate that Hidden Strike will need to generate at least $160 million globally. While this is a daunting task, it might not be impossible given the star power of John Cena and Jackie Chan.

Hidden Strike Movie Age Rating

Age RatingPG-13

Hidden Strike has been rated PG-13, ensuring its appeal to a wide audience. The rating suggests that the film while being packed with action and suspense, maintains a level of content appropriate for audiences 13 years and older.

Hidden Strike’s Cast Salaries

Hidden Strike Cast
Hidden Strike Cast (Image Via Netflix)

Here is a speculated breakdown of the main cast salaries for Hidden Strike:

ActorRoleEstimated Salary
John CenaLuo FengNA
Jackie ChanChris Van HorneNA

The cast salaries of the Hidden Strike movie are not disclosed yet. While we don’t have specific figures for this movie, we can draw some insight from their past earnings.

John Cena, a former professional wrestler turned actor, has had a successful career in the film industry. For his role in the 2018 blockbuster Bumblebee, it’s estimated that Cena received around $8 million. Given his rising profile and the magnitude of Hidden Strike, it’s plausible that Cena could charge a salary of around $10 million for his leading role in this film.

Jackie Chan, a martial arts legend and cinema icon, is known for his commanding presence both on and off-screen. For his role in the 2017 film Kung Fu Yoga, Chan reportedly earned a staggering $20 million. Considering his enduring popularity and the significant role he plays in Hidden Strike, it’s reasonable to assume that Chan’s salary for this film could be around $12-15 million. Moreover, he would also have a significant stake in the film as a co-producer. This could mean a higher financial return depending on the success of the movie.

However, these figures are only speculations, and the actual number can be different.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Hidden Strike represents a significant investment by an ensemble of production companies, including Changchun Film Studio, Epitome, Flame Pictures Company, Huaxia Film Distribution, and Talent International Media. With its robust budget, exotic filming location, and a star-studded cast featuring John Cena and Jackie Chan, the film carries high expectations. Moreover, the film’s PG-13 rating should enable it to appeal to a broad audience, capturing the interest of both younger and older viewers. 

You can watch Hidden Strike from the comfort of your home only on Netflix from 28 July 2023. Don’t miss out on this thrilling action experience!


When will Hidden Strike be released?

Hidden Strike is scheduled for release sometime in 2023. The exact date is yet to be announced.

Who are the main stars in Hidden Strike?

John Cena and Jackie Chan are among the main stars in Hidden Strike.

What is Hidden Strike’s budget?

Hidden Strike has a substantial budget of $80 million, reflecting its high production values and star-studded cast.

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