Money Heist Total Budget, Collection, and Cast Salaries

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime series that premiered in 2017. The series revolves around two well-planned heists, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and another on the Bank of Spain. The mastermind behind these heists is the Professor, played by Álvaro Morte. The series is well-written by Álex Pina and directed by Jesús Colmenar. The last season of the series premiered on 3 December 2021 only on Netflix.

But how much did it cost to make Money Heist? How much did Netflix pay for the rights to stream it? And how much did the cast earn for their roles? In this article, we will answer these questions and reveal some interesting facts about the budget, collection, and salaries of Money Heist.

Money Heist Budget

Season/PartNumber of EpisodesBudget per Episode (in millions)Total Budget (in millions)
Part 115$2.2$33
Part 215$2.2$33
Part 38$6.9$55
Part 48$8.3$66
Part 510$9.9$99

Money Heist was originally produced by Atresmedia, a Spanish media group, and aired on its channel Antena 3 in 2017. The first two parts of the series had a total of 15 episodes, with an average budget of $2.2 million per episode. This means that the total budget for the first two parts was around $33 million. However, the series doesn’t perform well in Spain and was canceled by Antena 3 after the release of the second part.

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Later, Netflix acquired the streaming rights to this series in 2017 and re-edited it into 22 shorter episodes. It also renewed the series for the third part and increased the budget to $55 million for eight episodes. This means that the average budget per episode is increased to $6.9 million. 

After the success of the series, Netflix continues to invest more money in the production of Money Heist’s other seasons. The fourth part, also with the eight episodes, has a budget of $66 million i.e. $ 8.3 million per episode. The fifth and final part, which was split into two volumes of five episodes each has a huge budget of $99 million i.e. $9.9 per episode. This makes Money Heist one of the most expensive series ever made by Netflix. The budget of all five parts of the money heist is estimated to be around $253 million with an average budget of $6.2 million per episode. 

Money Heist Total Collection

Money Heist has been a huge success for Netflix as it is still generating millions of views and subscribers worldwide every year. According to data shared by Netflix itself, Money Heist is its one of the most-watched non-English language web series ever. The fifth part was watched by 69 million households in the first four weeks of release.

Image Source- Statista

Netflix hasn’t disclosed its revenue from individual series, but it is possible to estimate how much revenue the money heist has generated for the streaming giant based on some assumptions. According to Statista, Netflix has 209.18 million paid subscribers worldwide as of June 2021, with average revenue per user of $11.45 per month. This means that Netflix’s total revenue in June 2021 was around $2.4 billion.  

If we assume that 10% of Netflix subscribers watched Money Heist in June 2021, then we can estimate that the series generated around $240 million in revenue for Netflix in that month alone. Based on this data, we can estimate that Money Heist has generated around $7.2 billion in revenue for Netflix over four years. Of course, this is a rough estimation that does not take into account other factors such as marketing costs, licensing fees, regional variations, and viewer retention rates. However, it gives us an idea of how profitable Money Heist has been for Netflix.

Money Heist Cast Salaries

ActorCharacterSalary per episode
Álvaro MorteThe Professor$110,000
Úrsula CorberóTokyo$88,000
Itziar ItuñoLisbon$66,000
Pedro AlonsoBerlin$66,000
Paco TousMoscow$55,000
Alba FloresNairobi$55,000
Miguel HerránRio$55,000
Jaime LorenteDenver$55,000
Esther AceboStockholm$55,000
Enrique ArceArturo Román$44,000
Darko PerićHelsinki$44,000
Hovik KeuchkerianBogotá$44,000
Luka PerošMarseille$44,000
Belén CuestaManila$44,000
Rodrigo de la SernaPalermo$44,000
Najwa NimriAlicia Sierra$44,000
José Manuel PogaGandía$33,000

The cast salaries of Money Heist have not been officially disclosed yet, but some reports have claimed to reveal how much the actors were paid for their roles. According to these reports, the cast salaries of Money Heist varied depending on the popularity and importance of the characters, as well as the number of episodes they appeared in.

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As per the reports, the highest-paid actor in the series was Álvaro Morte, who played The Professor, the mastermind behind the heists. He was said to earn around $110,000 per episode, which means that he made around $4.8 million for the entire series (assuming he appeared in 44 episodes). The second highest-paid actor in the series was reportedly Úrsula Corberó, who played the role of Tokyo, the narrator and one of the main robbers. She was said to earn $88,000 per episode, which means that she made around $3.9 million for the entire series (assuming she appeared in 44 episodes).

The other main actors of the series were reportedly paid between $44,000 and $66,000 per episode, depending on their roles and screen time. Moreover, The supporting actors of the series were reportedly paid between $22,000 and $33,000 per episode, depending on their roles and screen time. Therefore, the total cast salaries of Money Heist are estimated to be around $27.5 million, or an average of $670,000 per actor.


Money Heist is a remarkable series that has captivated a large number of audiences worldwide with its thrilling plot, fascinating characters, and catchy soundtrack. The series has also been a good investment for Netflix, as it has generated billions of dollars in revenue for the platform. The cast of the series also earned millions of dollars for their performances and gained international fame and recognition.

In conclusion, Money Heist is more than just a series; it is a cultural movement that has left a lasting legacy in the history of television. As the series comes to an end with its fifth and final part, we can only say thank you to the creators, the cast, and the fans for giving us this unforgettable experience. Bella ciao! 🎵


What is the Money Heist Professor’s salary per episode?

Álvaro Morte (The Professor) is paid $110k per episode .

What is the total budget of Money Heist?

The total budget of Money Heist is approximately $253 million.

Is Money Heist available on Netflix?

Yes, Money Heist is available on Netflix.

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