Top 10 Most Popular Jujutsu Kaisen Characters

Jujutsu Kaisen, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, has taken the world by storm. With its unique blend of supernatural action, engaging storylines, and memorable characters, it’s no wonder that fans can’t get enough of this thrilling series. The story follows Yuji Itadori, a high school student who becomes involved in the world of Jujutsu sorcerers after swallowing a cursed object. Along the way, he meets a colorful cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and abilities.

In this article, we’ll be counting down the top 10 most popular Jujutsu Kaisen characters, as chosen by fans. These characters have captured the hearts of many with their unique traits, captivating backstories, and impressive powers. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen and explore the characters that have made this series a global phenomenon.

List Of Top 10 Most Popular Jujutsu Kaisen Characters

1. Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro
Megumi Fushiguro (Image Via MAPPA)

Megumi Fushiguro, a stoic and skilled Jujutsu sorcerer, is another beloved character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. His calm demeanor and strategic mind make him a formidable opponent in battle, while his deep sense of responsibility and loyalty to his friends reveal a more vulnerable side to his character. Megumi’s unique ability to summon and control shikigami, or spirit animals, adds an element of mystery and intrigue to his character.

Fans are drawn to Megumi’s complex personality and his unwavering dedication to protecting those he cares about. His growth throughout the series, as well as his evolving relationships with Yuji and the other characters, has made him a standout figure in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

2. Yuji Itadori

Yuji Itadori
Yuji Itadori (Image Via MAPPA)

Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series, is a kind-hearted and courageous young man who becomes a Jujutsu sorcerer to protect his friends and loved ones. Despite his immense physical strength and natural talent for martial arts, Yuji remains humble and always puts others before himself. His unwavering determination and selflessness have endeared him to fans, making him a standout character in the series.

In addition to his likable personality, Yuji’s unique ability to host the powerful curse, Sukuna, adds an intriguing layer of complexity to his character. As he struggles to control the malevolent spirit within him, Yuji’s journey of self-discovery and growth becomes a central theme in the series, further solidifying his popularity among fans.

3. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo
Satoru Gojo (Image Via MAPPA)

Satoru Gojo, a fan-favorite character, is a powerful and enigmatic Jujutsu sorcerer who serves as a mentor to Yuji and his friends. Known for his laid-back attitude and sarcastic wit, Gojo’s charismatic personality has won over countless fans. Beneath his carefree exterior, however, lies a fiercely loyal and protective individual who will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his students.

Gojo’s immense power and mastery of the “Six Eyes” and “Limitless” techniques make him one of the most formidable characters in the series. His unrivaled strength and captivating presence have earned him a well-deserved spot on this list of popular Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

4. Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto
Suguru Geto (Image Via MAPPA)

Suguru Geto, a former Jujutsu sorcerer turned antagonist, is a complex character with a tragic backstory. He possesses the unique ability to control curses, which he uses to further his own twisted ideology. Geto’s disillusionment with the world around him and his descent into darkness make for a compelling character arc.

Fans are drawn to Geto’s charisma and his fascinating descent into villainy. His complicated relationship with Gojo adds an additional layer of intrigue to his character, making him a popular choice among Jujutsu Kaisen followers.

5. Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu
Yuta Okkotsu (Image Via MAPPA)

Yuta Okkotsu, the protagonist of the prequel series “Jujutsu Kaisen 0,” is a powerful sorcerer with a unique curse. He is haunted by the spirit of his childhood friend, Rika, who has become a powerful and dangerous cursed spirit. Yuta’s struggle to come to terms with Rika’s curse and his journey to find a way to release her spirit have endeared him to fans.

Yuta’s immense power and his unwavering determination to save Rika make him an engaging and relatable character. His connection to the main series and the impact of his actions on the larger Jujutsu Kaisen universe have solidified his popularity.

6. Naoya Zenin

Naoya Zenin
Naoya Zenin (Image Via Gege Akutami)

Naoya Zenin, a member of the prestigious Zenin family, is an ambitious and ruthless Jujutsu sorcerer. He possesses the unique ability to manipulate time and space, allowing him to move at incredible speeds. Naoya’s arrogance and his complicated family dynamics make him a fascinating character to watch.

Fans are captivated by Naoya’s cunning and his relentless pursuit of power. His clashes with other characters in the series and his role in the larger Zenin family drama have made him a popular figure among Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts.

7. Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami
Kento Nanami (Image Via MAPPA)

Kento Nanami, a pragmatic and level-headed Jujutsu sorcerer, has quickly become a fan favorite due to his unique blend of professionalism and dry humor. As a former salaryman, Nanami brings a different perspective to the world of Jujutsu sorcerers, often approaching situations with a more practical and logical mindset. His ability to manipulate cursed energy using his “Ratio Technique” showcases his intelligence and strategic prowess.

Nanami’s mentor-like relationship with Yuji and his unwavering commitment to his duties as a sorcerer have endeared him to fans. His character development and interactions with other characters in the series have solidified his place among the most popular Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

8. Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki
Toge Inumaki (Image Via MAPPA)

Toge Inumaki, a mysterious and enigmatic Jujutsu sorcerer, has gained popularity among fans for his unique abilities and intriguing personality. Inumaki possesses the “Cursed Speech” technique, which allows him to control others by simply speaking. Due to the dangerous nature of his power, Inumaki communicates primarily through rice ball ingredients, adding an element of humor to his character.

Inumaki’s mysterious aura and his unwavering loyalty to his friends have made him a popular figure in the series. His unique abilities and the challenges he faces in controlling his power add depth and complexity to his character, further solidifying his status as a fan favorite.

9. Maki Zenin

 Maki Zenin
Maki Zenin (Image Via MAPPA)

Maki Zenin, a skilled and determined Jujutsu sorcerer, has captured the hearts of fans with her unwavering resolve and impressive combat abilities. Born into the prestigious Zenin family, Maki defies expectations by choosing to pursue her own path as a sorcerer, despite her lack of innate cursed energy. Her exceptional physical strength and mastery of weapons make her a formidable opponent in battle.

Maki’s perseverance in the face of adversity and her dedication to proving her worth have endeared her to fans. Her character development and relationships with other characters, particularly her twin sister Mai, add depth and complexity to her character, making her a popular figure in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

10. Choso

Choso (Image Via MAPPA)

Choso, a cursed womb death painting, is a complex character with a tragic backstory. He is one of the powerful cursed spirits known as the Death Paintings and has the ability to manipulate blood. Despite his status as a cursed spirit, Choso’s strong sense of loyalty and brotherhood make him a compelling character.

Fans are intrigued by Choso’s moral ambiguity and his complex relationship with Yuji. His journey towards self-discovery and the bonds he forms with other characters have made him a popular figure in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.


The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is filled with a diverse and captivating cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities, personalities, and backstories. From the courageous and selfless Yuji Itadori to the enigmatic and powerful Satoru Gojo, these characters have captured the hearts of fans around the world. As the series continues to grow in popularity, it’s clear that these top 10 most popular Jujutsu Kaisen characters will continue to leave a lasting impact on fans and the world of manga and anime.

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